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how to ignore 1st row form the file(csv) sender CC

Question: I have a CSV File (File sender) that I need to load with PI.I want to Ignore 1st row from the file.
For example the File contains 10 rows  but PI  need to read  the data from 2nd row.
because in the 1st row contains header data like name, number, mobile, address, etc., I don't want to read this 1st row. I want to read only the data which starts from the 2nd row.

Answer: In your content conversion use the field document offset which ignores the number of lines to be ignored.
for example if you provide the value as "1" for document offset it will ignore the first line in your file.

Under Document Offset, specify the number of lines that are to be ignored at the beginning of the document. This enables you to skip comment lines or column names during processing.

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