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Ошибка при попытке задеплоить ear архив.

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We are trying to deploy an EAR file (created through NWDS) using the SDM. But while deploying we are getting the following exception:

com.sap.sdm.util.sduread.IllFormattedSduFileException:Error during attribute reading: received exception: Error in opening zip file

Does this has something to do with the application or is it related with the WinZip software?

We deployed the same application with the same configuration previously, at that time it got deployed without any issues.

//--------------Возможные причины ошибки/варианты устранения.----------------//

1. Нарушение целостности файла .ear

This is due to the corruption of EAR file, Check whether the Ear File is correct or if it has been Corrupted. Because it is unable to Read the File. If it is Corrupted just Create a New EAR file.

2. Your problem should be resolved if you upgrade the SAP J2EE ENGINE 640 to SP 18.


3. Remove the relevant .ear file with the Visual Admin->Services->Deploy-> choose application -> remove and then redeploy.

Типо "выключи и включи, авось поможет"=)

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